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    What’s the difference between Raspberry Pi 2 with Ethernet connection and without?

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  4. Update 1: There’s a standalone version too, which is the one shipped with the provided setup. However, the “Skip all JRE version checks and run the program” option is a no-go, which is great news for anyone who doesn’t want the bundled software running in the background, generating (extra) results.
    Update 2: Stable 1.3.9 has been released, and it can now cope with different resolutions.

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    Recent Videos

    Better Homes and Gardens®

    Full Episode

    On the inaugural episode of the Better Homes and Gardens® television program, Grandin and Brown host the HGTV® Feeding Team as they grill up mouth-watering recipes and families share how they prepare the HGTV 100 Best Easy Slow-Cooker Recipes. After a full tasting of appetizers and entrees, guests enjoy a lively and interactive panel discussion and answer tough questions about what they learned, what works best and what makes slow-cooker cooking so easy and mouthwatering.

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    Main article: List of 3D surface plots (Matlab/Jens.org)
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